Diploma in Computer Science (Multimedia)

This course introduces students the concept of computer system evolution, computer system function and component, internal memory, external memory, input/output device, central processing unit, instruction set: characteristics, function, addressing mode and format, CPU structure and function, control unit, assembly language programming, assembly language format, arithmetic operation, addressing, comparison instruction, string and loop, sub-routine, integer arithmetic, floating-point arithmetic, bit and character manipulation, macro definition, and interrupt.

This course introduce student to digital and analog concept, basic lagic gates, number system and code, code conversion, BCD code, Gray code, Boolean algebra, Boolean variable, truth table, Karnaugh map SOP and POS, minimization combination logic circuit, adders, comparator, decoder, encoder, code converter, multiplexers, demultiplexers, parity generators, latch, edge triggered flip-flop, clock signal, asynchronous and synchronous counter.